South Of You were started at the end of 2011 by Kryptan, Johan & Bobba, friends since childhood with music, sports and beer as their common denominator.

Some years after the death of the HC band subdive and Kryptans decision to quit Katatonia the idea of South of You were born. Far away from their Metal/Punk roots in the steel producing small town, but with the same delight for creating music. Guitar based music (call the genre whatever you want) with well thought-out melodies and riffs that originates from the genres they left and transfers it in to the hearts of everyone.

2012; At the local joint in Avesta, together with the former metal heads, Johannes were convinced to board what would soon be a newborn band. A recruitment that took the band exactly in the planned direction. A singer with a well-known beautiful voice with no background in rock business or links to other rock bands. Excellent!

After a quite long search the band with no drummer meet up with Carl. Rumors say he´s a wonder boy. The young drummer pumps new blood in to the heart of the band and fills the rehearsal room with enthusiasm and joy. Rumors were right. He was an unexplored natural asset.

The band was complete.

2013: The music that will end up as the band’s debut album ”Moments” is recorded together with producer  Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge Studios. An EP with the name ”We Were The Ones” is released digitally.  

2014: A video to the song ”We Were The Ones” is recorded.

The debut album ”Moments”  hits the market.